Welcome in Stéphane Guillard & family Web space. I'm a French computer user and developper. I do serious things at work with serious computers, but as a hobby, my area of interest lays in machines not so widespread now, like the Amiga series, the Apple II, the NeXTCube and a few other (I also have a PC network for my children's entertainment, which I occasionally use for software development).

This site mainly contains some of my "open ideas" projects, like AmiVNC (a VNC server for the Amiga), sKulpt (a rewritten from scratch Sculpt 3D clone, modernized to use 3D hardware for realtime preview, textures and more), an Apple II IDE/ATA interface (allowing use of IDE hard disks and CD-ROM readers on the Apple II).

For these projects, I provide here all source, schematics and docs (thus "open ideas"), and I hope enhancements, critics and comments will come back to me from users by mail.

This site is .

At home, it is 1.3.6 (you may be browsing it at free.fr).

It is also created, maintained and hosted on my (Amiga 4060PPC).